Unlocking the Secret to Glowing Skin

Unlocking the Secret to Glowing Skin

Most women have dehydrated skin without even knowing it. They have come to accept dull, dry skin as normal.

Air conditioning, sun exposure and over cleansing have a dehydrating effect on the skin. When this happens your skin can exhibit any of the following symptoms:

  • Skin looks dull and dry.
  • Wrinkles and fine lines become more visible.
  • Skin easily flushes in cold or hot temperatures.
  • Your skin often feels like it needs exfoliation
  • Skin congests easily and is prone to acne and breakouts.
  • Increased redness and inflammation

Rehydrating the skin’s outer layers helps to correct these conditions. The way we achieve this is by embracing the twice-daily Janesce Skin Soaking Ritual. This involves soaking the skin with warm water infused with Janesce Soaking Drops and sealing that precious moisture into the skin with the application of Janesce skincare products.

Skin soaking is truly transformative. It can bring dull skin back to life.

Why We Soak

Skin soaking really is foundational to a beautiful skincare regime. If you soak your skin twice daily for a month, optimum hydration in the skin can result in the following benefits:

  • Dehydrated cells will pump up by 25%, softening wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Pores will become less visible and the skin texture more refined.
  • Oil/sebum will flow more freely onto the surface of the skin, meaning you are less likely to get break-outs and black-heads.
  • Skin will cope better with temperature changes and be more likely to remain calm rather than flushed.
  • Skincare products will penetrate more easily and you won’t use as much.
  • Enzyme action in the stratum corneum will improve, leading to healthier, stronger more vibrant skin.
  • You will begin to notice the trademark Janesce glow!

How We Soak


In the morning fill your sink with warm water, add a few soaking drops to the water and take several deep breaths, enjoying the therapeutic fragrance.

In the evening, begin by cleansing your skin of makeup, sunblock chemicals and pollutants that can build up during the day. Follow with the soaking ritual.

Janesce Soaking Drops transform skin soaking into a fragrant self care ritual. They soften the water, breaking down its surface tension. This makes it easier for your skin to drink in the much needed hydration.

As an added bonus, the essential oils they contain have specific benefits for skin and emotional wellbeing.

Step One

Immerse your Janesce Soaking Cloth in the warm water, wring out the excess and press the damp cloth to your face and neck area. Take five slow, deep breaths and enjoy the process.

Repeat this step at least three times to ensure your skin is fully hydrated.








Step Two

Immediately after soaking, apply a Janesce botanical mist, serum and/or concentrate. These provide powerful plant therapy to treat your skin.

Do not dry your face or let the moisture evaporate as this will undermine the benefits of skin soaking.








Step Three

Apply a Janesce moisturiser or facial oil to seal in all that botanically-enriched hydration. Janesce products have been specially formulated to capture and lock in this moisture.










Your skin can only hold onto moisture for 12 hours. For this reason it is essential to soak your skin every morning and evening without fail. After 12 hours, your skin is thirsty for hydration. Devote yourself to this beautiful ritual. Your skin will thank you for it!

It’s not just skincare, it’s selfcare

Make your bathroom a beautiful space to be. Buy a plant, light a candle, set out your Janesce products on display. Allow yourself to enjoy the sensory pleasure of the warm water, the soft cloth, the botanical fragrances. When you breathe....breathe deeply, slowly and all the way down. This will allow your body to fully relax.

What will I need?

Your Janesce Soaking Drops (which are available in a rose or lavender) and your Janesce Soaking Cloth will make your soaking ritual so much more effective.

We have a limited edition Rose Soaking Ritual Pack and a Lavender Soaking Ritual Pack available while stocks last.

Enjoy your glowing skin!


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