Nature, the Ultimate Healer

Nature, the Ultimate Healer

By Janice Smith, founder of Janesce Skin Care

Over the decades I have found that treating my clients from the inside with nutrition and from the outside with plant-based skin care, nature proves itself time and time again. It is the ultimate healer!

Over the years I have noticed that plants not only treat us physically but also psychologically. Here are a few examples of how plants can not only support our skin health but also aid us emotionally too.



Rose is high in plant actives that have the capacity to rehydrate our skin through their ability to attract and hold water. This makes rose an ideal flower for very dry, sensitive skin. It is interesting to note that dry, sensitive skins are more common in people who have sensitive personalities and sensitive digestion. This makes them more likely to be susceptible to stress but luckily rose is also wonderful anxiety reliever, helping to lower blood pressure and reduce stress hormone levels.


Lavender has opposing qualities of being a stimulant and a relaxant. It brings balance to the oil glands of the skin, stimulating dry skin and calming over oily skin.  Lavender is also balancing to the psyche of the person. It helps bring clarity to someone unsure of their direction in life and helps us with decision making.


Marshmallow is soothing and calming for extra sensitive skin. It also helps soothe the anxious person who worries if they have nothing to worry about! This wonderful plant extract also help solve many digestive disorders that can be brought on by stress including issues such as irritable bowel syndrome.


Chamomile calms and relieves any form of distress the skin maybe suffering from. It is a fine, sensitive flower which provides such amazing healing. It is also well known for its ability to calm the nerves, fight anxiety and promote sleep.

These four flowers, along with many others, are used often in Janesce skin care products. They are used in the form of potent herbal tinctures that are easily absorbed into the skin. It is the combination of the high percentages of plant extracts used, as well as the as the variety and blend of different plant extracts that are used in each product that bring about their various therapeutic outcomes for the skin and the psyche.

There are a multitude of ways that plants can heal and support us. This makes them wonderful alternatives to synthetic, man-designed and manufactured skin care products.

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