Portion Control!

Portion Control!

When it comes to Janesce Skincare products most people use too much.

Janesce is very different from most ranges. It’s highly concentrated and contains far less water than other products. With Janesce when you soak your skin the hydration is provided by the water and the Janesce products are designed to lock that hydration in. Other ranges expect the products to both add the hydration and lock it in.

The advantages of the Janesce approach

  • Your product goes much further.
  • A freshly-soaked skin is much more receptive to skincare products meaning they’re more effective.
  • Soaking the skin and applying concentrated skincare products locks in moisture and increases your skin’s hydration.
  • Your skin takes on the trademark luminous glow of Janesce users.

So how much do you need to use?

For the Janesce cleanser, you only need to use the size of a green pea. Dilute this with a little water, massage it into your skin and remove with a warm, damp cloth. Repeat this process again if you wear heavy makeup.

The Janesce moisturiser is applied in even smaller quantities. You only need the size of a sunflower seed or two of moisturiser. You’ll be surprised to see how far this goes when applied to damp skin.

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Get the best out of your Janesce

So make sure you soak thoroughly and your skin is damp when you apply your moisturiser. Don’t use too much product and remember every moment matters. You want to lock in that precious moisture for a luminous, glowing skin.

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