Should You Double Cleanse?

Should You Double Cleanse?

Over cleansing is one of the single biggest causes of skin problems. It breaks down the skin’s natural barrier making your skin vulnerable to environmental stress. So how do you juggle the delicate balance between making sure your skin is clean but not stripped?

Cleansing is a vital part of our skin care routine. We absolutely need to make sure our skin is cleansed of makeup, sunblock chemicals and pollutants at the end of each day. In some cases, this means doing a double cleanse but in many cases one cleanse is enough. So when should you double cleanse and when should you avoid it?

When to double cleanse:

If you wear heavy, stubborn makeup or applied a chemical sunblock with an SPF of 30 or higher, it’s wise to cleanse twice. The first cleanse will remove the majority of your makeup or sunblock chemicals and the second will ensure your skin is clean. The key is to use a lotion or cream cleanser, rinsing it away with water after you have dissolved any pollutants. Foaming cleansers, soaps and facial wipes are generally too harsh for the skin, leaving it stripped and vulnerable.

Another option is using a few drops of Janesce Avocado & Sesame Oil for your first cleanse, applying it using your fingertips and rinsing it off using your soaking cloth and warm water. Follow this by applying a small amount of Janesce cleanser, gently distribute it over the face and neck and remove it with your soaking cloth and water. This is a very effective way to make sure your skin is totally clean while maintaining your skin’s natural protective barrier.

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When to single cleanse:

If you don’t wear heavy makeup and/or sunblock chemicals, one cleanse should be enough. A gentle lotion cleanser, like any of the Janesce cleansers, will cleanse your skin thoroughly without unbalancing the skin or upsetting the natural barrier. Again, it is important not to use harsh cleansing options like foaming cleansers, soaps or facial wipes. Even one cleanse with these types of products will eventually strip the skin.

When not to cleanse at all:

Sometimes you don’t need to cleanse at all! If you haven’t applied makeup or sunblock chemicals you can simply soak your skin with water. You may have some dust, perspiration and traces of your skin care products left on your skin but soaking with warm water will remove these. If your skin is naturally oily, wiping it over with your damp soaking cloth will remove any excess oil leaving your skin feeling clean but not stripped.

Cleansing is a necessary part of our skin care routine but it is also the one step that can undermine your skin’s health. Make sure you use a gentle cleanser and adjust the number of times you cleanse based on what you have applied to your skin that day. 

Happy cleansing!

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