Is Your Skin Breaking Out After Using a New Product?

Is Your Skin Breaking Out After Using a New Product?

Ever started a new skincare range you thought was going to do wonders for your skin only to find that you experience breaks outs when you use it? Many of us give up when this happens, thinking we have wasted money on skincare that doesn’t suit our skin. Sometimes this is definitely the case, but would you believe that actually it can be a good thing! Check out Janine’s explanation below.   

"Sometimes when your skin starts to break out after you have started a new routine, it is because it is going through a positive clearing process or ‘purging’ that will eventually stop, leaving your skin smooth and clear. But other times, these pimples mean that your new skincare regime doesn’t suit your skin and you need to rethink your approach.

So how can you tell which is the reason for the breakouts you are experiencing? 

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When it is a positive purging process it’s because your new skincare routine is hydrating and softening the outer layers of your skin. This brings the skin back to a healthy balance and enables it to function correctly. If there is any buildup in the pores of your skin, it will be able to clear itself by producing pimples that unblock the pores. If this is what is happening for you then your skin will feel supple and soft with a healthy glow which are signs that it is balanced and hydrated. The breakouts will also start to lessen after a month as the skin completes the clearing process. In some rare cases it can last longer where the skin has been holding on to blockages for many years and therefore takes longer to clear. 

On the other hand, if the breakouts are caused because your skincare products are incompatible with your skin then it will be because of one of two reasons.  Either it contains ingredients known to block the pores or alternatively, it is too harsh, causing the skin to tighten and inhibit the natural oil flow. Both options will mean that your skin continues to breakout much longer than a month or may even worsen over time. The skin itself will feel tight and dry as well as looking dull. These are your biggest clues that you need to rethink your skin care products.  

It is not always that easy to tell what is going on with your own skin because having pimples is so distressing, sometimes that is all we can focus on. My advice would be to see your nearest beauty therapist. They are properly trained in knowledge about the skin and skincare products and will be able to set you on the path to healthy, happy skin.

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