Indulge in the tangy pink delight of Eternitea, a skin-nourishing blend that slows down the effects of time.

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Bestow Eternitea Organic Herbal Tea Refill

Bestow Eternitea Organic Herbal Tea Refill


Bestow Eternitea offers the ultimate anti-aging benefits with its 100% organic herbal tea blend, featuring hibiscus and cinnamon. This delightful brew entices with its pretty pink color and tangy flavor while harnessing the power of antioxidants to combat free radicals and promote youthful, healthy skin.

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Flavour + Colour: Eternitea delights with a mesmerizing pink hue and a tangy flavor that excites the taste buds.

Bestow Eternitea Organic, Herbal Tea

Bestow Eternitea, an enchanting blend of hibiscus and cinnamon, holds the key to a youthful and vibrant complexion. With its delightful pink colour and tangy flavour, this organic herbal tea is rich in antioxidants, offering potent protection against the aging effects of free radicals.

Hibiscus, brimming with antioxidants, surpasses other teas in its ability to combat oxidative stress, promoting skin health and resilience. Meanwhile, cinnamon, renowned for its blood sugar stabilising properties, plays a vital role in preventing collagen breakdown, ensuring your skin remains supple and youthful.

This blend symbolises the desire to preserve the beauty and vitality of your skin. Savour its tangy delight and let it accompany you on your journey to graceful aging and radiant skin.

The Story Behind These Teas:

Once upon a time, I had a strong coffee addiction, but I realised it wasn't beneficial for my nervous system and overall well-being. Giving up coffee became a wonderful gift to my body, and I haven't looked back since.

Since then, I've immersed myself in the therapeutic and vibrant world of herbal teas. Enjoying a simple tea break can provide various benefits, such as an antioxidant boost, relaxation, body cleansing, or an energizing lift—it all depends on the tea you choose.

At Bestow, we gather every morning and afternoon to share herbal tea. It has become a beautiful ritual for us, complete with vintage china and a silver tray. This joyful pause in our busy day not only hydrates us but also delivers additional vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients.

Ensuring we drink high-quality organic tea, free from pesticides and chemicals often found in supermarket herbal teas, was crucial. So, we decided to develop our own range of teas. Fortunately, we came across a Sri Lankan company with established organic tea plantations, where the passion for tea is even greater than ours! The tea plantation follows biodynamic practices, teeming with life and featuring organic cattle for compost, wild camphor in the hedgerows for organic spray, and the captivating scents of tea leaves, basil, and rosemary in the air.

- Janine